Healthy Eating Habits by MyNutriCounter

What Do My Eating Habits Say About Me?

What Your Choice of Food Says About You

We are what we eat. It’s an age-old adage that makes perfect sense. The food we eat is what nourishes us; it keeps us going. What we eat gives insight into who we are, what we like, what we give importance to, and who we are as a person. How far does this extend? Researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology set out to discover this. Using five basic dimensions of personality, they studied whether the personality traits of 1000 people correlated with eating patterns. Here are the results.

Healthy Eating Habits by MyNutriCounter

Type A – If you eat less meat, and consume more fruits and vegetables, you tend to be:

Agreeable – Easy to trust, kind, and affectionate. You exhibit sympathy towards animals. Be careful as you have people-pleasing tendencies that may influence you towards unhealthy eating and bad choices.

Type B – If you lean towards healthier options and you have a list of “Eats” and “Don’t Eats”, you tend to be:

Conscientious – Always feel the need to follow rules, be in control, organised, and you have no problems exercising self-constraint. You do what is right and do it well and are thorough.

Type C – If you’re likely to grab a fork to eat a salad, or snack on fruit and shy away from sweets and sugary treats, you tend to be:

Open – Seek to experience everything on a new level and food is not an exception. You want to know what the world has to offer on a deeper level. You value insights and are drawn to beauty and colour, and the experience behind it – what you eat included.

Type D – If you are drawn towards sweet and savoury foods with high calorie values, and you always reach for your favourite treats when you feel sad and emotional, then this is because you are:

Neurotic – Driven by emotions to get hold of anything that will ease your mind away from negativity. Feelings sway you and you tend to over eat, binge, and comfort yourself with eating associated with unfavourable eating choices.

Type E – If you often eat out at restaurants, and love meats, sweets, oily, and high-calorie foods you tend to be:

Extroverted – Easily influenced by external factors, and this is also the way you are with food. You are sociable and this encourages you towards unhealthy food options which are found at social gatherings.

In summary, how you know yourself can lead to a healthier diet and eating habits, but knowing this is just the start.

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