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News: UK Blog Awards Ceremony – and the winner is…

U.K. Blog Awards Ceremony – And the winner is…

Date: April 29th 2016
Venue: The Park Plaza Westminster, London
Event: UK Blog Awards 2016

This evening had been eagerly awaited for months – the anticipation and excitement mounted with every passing day. Doubt was always our prevailing emotion, with hope occasionally making a cameo appearance. We believe in what we do but would the judges, it’s subjective so nothing is certain – that was the unknown that created our unwavering doubt.

We were lucky enough to be finalists in 2 categories – ‘Health and Social Care’ and ‘Food and Drink’ – which we were really pleased with. On the run up to the event we had a look at the other competitors and we would just like to mention the positive work they are doing. Our journey’s might be different, but positive change is a shared goal.

The night of the awards was actually the 1 year anniversary of the inception of the app idea, so it was going to be a good night whatever happened, but there was also the chance of a great personal (and a slightly poetic) story for us both. Fingers crossed.

On the way down to the event we were just excited to be a part of such an event.

We were greeted with warm smiling faces and entertainment of all descriptions.

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The night’s main sponsor was Odeon cinemas and they were generously giving away free popcorn and setup a 50 seater pop-up cinema where you could view all the latest releases.

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There were some beautiful non-alcoholic cocktails provided and we’re sure that the alcoholic ones were nice too 🙂 Canapes were brought round earlier in the evening and we resisted from taking a whole tray.

The time had now come and we were summoned for the commencement of the awards ceremony. There were several categories before ours which only added to the anticipation.

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The time had come. Our category.

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When Kate Russell (above), who was a fantastic host, announced that we had actually won the ‘Health and Social Care’ category there was a moment where time stood still. Well at least we did – it took us so long to register what she’d just said (then a glance and a pinch to make sure we’d heard correctly), that we suspect the audience assumed we didn’t turn up.

After collecting the award and having a photo with the judges we resumed our seating position and let reality sink in. We’ll let you know when it does.

Unfortunately we were so caught up in the moment that we actually missed the winner’s photo. Winner by MyNutriCounter

A big congratulations to everyone involved!

The night is now over, but not forgotten. We are 6 days on and there has been a smile stuck on our faces ever since. We’re sure it’ll stay there too.

We are truly grateful to the judges Sophie Mellor, Cheryl Hersey and Amanda Neylon for appreciating what we are trying to achieve. They have all done commendable work in their respective fields towards a happier, healthier future which we whole-heartedly relate and aspire to!

We also must mention Gemma Newton, the managing director of the UK Blog Awards, for bringing like-minded people together, raising awareness of the industry and organising such a wonderful event.

As always, thank you for all your support. We appreciate every like, comment and <3 – they are the things that motivate us that little bit more every single day, so thank you.

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